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Twelve Reasons to Prayerfully Consider Hosting a Shroud Lecture at your Church or Messianic Fellowship


1) Of the 40 Scientists from the top Laboratories and Institutions who actually participated in an historic 6-24 day hands on testing of the Shroud of Turin only the original spokesman and editor for that research, Dr Kenneth Stevenson, has authored comprehensive books on the subject which have impacted lives for the Gospel around the world.


2) Contrary to popular belief the C-14 testing did not prove the Shroud was medieval. Peer-reviewed scientific retesting has proven the piece of cloth dated was in fact NOT linen at all but rather a cotton patch that was woven into the Shroud following the fire that severely damaged the cloth in 1532.


3) The Shroud matches Jewish burial custom according to the Code of Law: Book of Mourning, but not "traditional" beliefs concerning Christ's burial. (Joh 19:40)  Then took they the body of Jesus, and wound it in linen clothes with the spices, as the manner of the Jews is to bury.




4) There is much Scriptural and liturgical evidence that points to the Shroud.


5) The 3-D characteristic of the image on the Shroud is absolutely unique, no man made effort has ever been able to accurately recreate this characteristic.


6) The man in the Shroud anthropologically speaking is a Shephardic Jew estimated at 30-35 years of age whose death and burial as recorded in this image is identical to that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is enough detail for a virtual autopsy to be performed.


7) The Shroud is an actual burial garment and to date no one has ever been able to recreate ALL of the known characteristics of the Shroud even with all of our modern technology at hand.


8) The Shroud fulfills ALL 8 of the major prophecies cited by author Peter Stoner in calculating the odds that anyone else in history could be the Messiah at 1X10-17th.


9) The Shroud could hold the prophetic key to the salvation of the Jews in these last days.


10) The image on the Shroud is the most accurate depiction of the death and burial of Jesus Christ ever found.


11)  Modern technology and criminology confirms the Shroud originated in the Middle East and not Europe, and the details that emerge match a historical trail that was not proposed until 1978.


12) Without exception lives have been changed where ever this lecture is seen.

© 2013 Angela Eve

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