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Re-release of "The Shroud and the Controversy"


For several years now Dr Kenneth Stevenson has been working on a new book on the Shroud that will cover unfathomed areas such as Jewish traditions, Liturgical traditions and previously untouched Scriptural references that point clearly to the Shroud of Turin. As I precursor and to serve as a primer for those who have not followed the story in recent years, I have negotiated for the re-release of The Shroud and the Controversy. Previously "orphaned" by the publishing world because of the now discredited C-14 dating, this in depth study only saw 5000 copies ever produced. For the first fifty people who will sow a $25.00 gift toward this new release will receive both an autographed copy and a DVD of "Behold The Man" a Shroud presentation produced by Dr. Stevenson.  The suggested retail price for the new book alone is $16.99 and the DVD's will retail for $15.00.  Our goal is to have both books in full production before the fall feasts. 


© 2013 Angela Eve

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