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Requests for Photos:

Many requests for photo tours or visits to the Cathedral have been difficult to honor due to the damage that we have sustained following the theft. However we are happy to provide the following link to our dear friend Matt Palmers :​








There you will find a great collection of photos of this beautiful edifice. Please be sure to thank Matt for making his collection available to all.








Everlasting Covenant Sermons      Friends and partners are able to enjoy the in-depth ministry of the Word being taught at Everlasting Covenant. Listeners will find both the archived and current sermons of Dr. Kenneth Stevenson by visiting:



Resurrection: The Coming Evidence

On site at the Cathedral, Dr. Stevenson will establish a world class museum site to showcase the historical and scientific evidence surrounding Christ's death, burial and resurrection. Plans include the original three-dimensional image created using space age technology and an original 1931 life size photograph by Enrie. A multi-media presentation will highlight all the historical, medical and scientific evidence to date. Pittsburgh is the birthplace of two original STURP members: Dr Stevenson whose books have been around the world, and Barrie Schwortz whose website continues to be the number one source for information on the Shroud of Turin.

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