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 Lecture at Hampton, Va 2015

Science and Scripture 

"Behold the Man" and "White Linen & the Blood of Sprinkling"


 Since 1977, when he was the editor and spokeman for STURP, Dr Kenneth Stevenson has presented the evidence of the Shroud of Turin to numerous audiences both here and abroad. Now he is making available two videos for those who wish to know more about this enigmatic relic.


"Behold the Man"  

This classic was co-produced by Drs Kenneth & Mary Stevenson 30 years ago for the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the evidence is even more solidly backed by scientific, peer-reviewed research now.



"White Linen & the Blood of Sprinkling"

This is the most recent version of Dr. Stevenson's lecture and has been well received whereever it has been presented. It serves as a precursor to his new book project.


Order yours today for $14.99 each

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