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Shroud Museum Update


   When STURP produced the 3-D statue that opened the doors for our once in a lifetime hands on testing of the Shroud of Turin, it was done using original Enrie photographs (Circa 1931) and space age technology.  The results were something no one, even the scientists of STURP expected. Now we are negotiating to acquire life-size Enrie photographs mounted in Jerusalem Pine back to back as the perfect companion piece to the original 3-D which is already in our possession. The story of how these beautiful photographs came to America and after many years were returned to the family that brought them here will also be on permanent display. Please check back frequently for updates on the acquisistion. Any gifts given specifically for the Enrie photographs will held aside for that purpose and a memorial plaque is being planned for all donors. Again as Everlasting Covenant is a 501c3 organization, all gifts are tax-deductible. The Lord  richly bless your generosity.

© 2013 Angela Eve

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