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 White Linen

and The Blood of Sprinkling


The incense wafted all around him and the bells at the hem of the holy linen garment tinkled gently assuring Yahashuah and those outside the Holy Place that The Most High was pleased with the priest as he offered the sacrifice for the sins of the congregation.  Yahashuah carefully sprinkled the blood before the fine twined linen veil seven times and placed the blood on the horns of the altar, at each step his sole focus was to follow the pattern shown to Moishe on the Mountain of God.  At the proper time, he removed his linen garments, now stained with the sacrificial blood of the lamb and washed his flesh in the Holy Place just as Moishe showed Aaron so many generations before. (Exodus 25:40; 26:30-31; Leviticus 16:23-24)

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The actual Shroud is a light sepia colored linen burial cloth that bears a faint image of

a crucified man (above).

The image below is the full length front of the same burial cloth but what shows more clearly on 

negative film.

John 2:19

Jesus answered and said unto them,

"Destroy this temple and in three days ​

I will raise it up..."







If you have never heard of The Shroud of Turin, you may be wondering what these mysterious images are throughout our site.  The Shroud is a an ancient linen burial cloth that ​has a slightly darkened image of a crucified man, many believe this man is Jesus Christ.  Science has proven that this image is not a hoax, painting, or forgery, so how did it get on the cloth? We encourage you to invite Dr. Stevenson, one of the original members of the actual research team, to give you a powerful scientific presentation with qualified answers, or you can read any one of Dr. Kenneth Stevenson's published books on the tangible artifact. Get updated information on the carbon-14 dating as well!

So what is "The Shroud"?

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Just a few reader reviews of already published works...



"Dr. Stevenson has done an excellent job presenting history, facts, and new scientific evidence on the Shroud of Turin. He presents the pros and cons and allows the reader to form their own opinion. And after reading this book, you will have an opinion..."

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